RS-353《Finished product / three-dimensional》Organic Cotton / plain

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Size: Adults approx. 13.5 x 17.5 cm (excluding rubber)
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Pursuing comfortable softness and comfort. Flat color plainUses organic cotton fabricIt is an adult-sized three-dimensional cloth mask.

Organic cotton is cotton grown to strict standardsIt will be. Uses 100% organic cotton material that has cleared such strict conditions.
The part that hits the inner skin is made of gauze fabric, which makes it gentle on the skin.

Gauze fabric used in many cloth masks nowadays. Once again, gauze fabric has the following excellent points.

・ It feels good on the skin and has less friction.
・ Soft and fluffy
-Excellent water absorption and quick drying, and good breathability
・ Easy to clean at home and can be used regardless of the season

This time, so as not to spoil such characteristicsThe inside is finished with 100% organic cotton double gauze fabric.

☆Recommended points
■ Because it is a finished product, it can be attached immediately♪Due to the three-dimensional structure, the mask fits perfectly on your face♪
■ The lining is 100% cotton organic cotton double gauze fabric with excellent water absorption and hygroscopicity.
■ Breathable, soft and gentle to the touch for outstanding comfort!
■ It is a calm and flat color fabric
■ Can be washed and used repeatedly

《Cloth material》 Outer cloth (100% organic cotton), double gauze (100% organic cotton for the inside)

★The delivered product is temporarily tied with a rubber string. Please retie it to your favorite length and use it.
★In addition, please carefully check the "Handling Precautions" on the back of the package before using.

* Please wash once before use. (Recommended hand washing with a neutral detergent)
* The mask does not completely prevent infection (invasion) such as viruses.
* The color of the product may differ slightly from the actual product depending on the shooting environment and the color of the display. Please note that.

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