RS-333《Finished product / three-dimensional mask》Cloth Face Mask / extra-long staple cotton / cotton / plain

Color: ライトブルー(LB)

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Size: For adults Approximately 13.5 x 17.5 cm (excluding rubber)
Quantity: 1

An adult-sized three-dimensional cloth mask that uses the rare cotton "Chouchomen" fabric on the front side.The back side is made of 100% cotton soft double gauze.

Ultra-long cotton refers to very long cotton with a fiber length of 35 mm or more, and is characterized by its smooth feel and beautiful luster of the fiber.Only 5% of the cotton on earth can be producedIt has a high rarity value.

The charm of super long cotton isAlthough it is cotton, it has silky smoothness and luster.That is. Ultra-long cotton thread with long fibersOne of the attractions is its high strength, and it is also a light material with good hygroscopicity and moisture release.It will be. Ultra-long cotton is not only a rare material, but also a highly functional material.

Now that I can't let go of my mask all day long.I want to sublimate the mask as a part of fashion and make wearing the mask as comfortable as possible without feeling uncomfortable.With this in mind, we have created an "ultra-long cotton cotton mask" that uses this light and durable rare fabric.

4 colors of carefully selected chic colors recommended for autumn and winteris. Please experience the beautiful luster and smooth texture.

■ "Ultra long cotton" is used on the front side to ensure silky smoothness, beautiful luster, and lightness.
■ The back side is double gauze with good breathability, and it is soft and gentle to the touch, making it extremely comfortable to wear!
■ 100% cotton fabric with excellent hygroscopicity and moisture release
■ We have prepared 4 chic colors that are recommended for autumn and winter. Arrange each color of rubber to match the color of the fabric♪
■ Can be washed and used repeatedly
■ Because it is a finished product, it can be attached immediately! Due to the three-dimensional structure, the mask fits perfectly on your face

The delivered product is temporarily tied with a rubber string. Please retie it to your favorite length and use it.
Please wash once before use. (Recommended hand washing with a neutral detergent)

《Cloth material》 For table: Super long cotton (100% cotton), For inside: Double gauze (100% cotton)

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