RS-341 《Finished Product / three-dimensional》Cloth Face Mask / with gauze fabric / embroidered lace

Color: Beige (BE)

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Size: Approx. 13.5 × 17.5 cm (without rubber) for adults.
Number of entrance: 1 solid cloth mask and 1 gase


This is a 3D cloth mask for adult dough and double gauze dough in the elegant, embroidered, embroidered lace.
This is a finished product, not a set of materials.In addition, gauze is included in order to make the body harder to get dirty.
The goods delivered are tentative knot for rubber strings.Please connect with your preferred length and use it.
Please do the laundry once before you use it.(Handwashing Recommendations for Neuble detergents)

Osuusume point
It's a finished product. It's a perfect fit. Because of the three-dimensional structure, the mask fits in the face, fit, fit.♪
The back and the gut gagaze are 100 % double gauze dough that is superior to suction, inhalation, and moisture.
You have a good sense of air, soft, gentle texture, and a myth of atrial.
The elegant, embroidered, embroidery race is a beauty.
And so it's guessing, so it's hard to get a dirty mask if you make a makeup.
Cut the gauze to the mask, cut it slightly, or put it on the mask with a broken mask.
Please wash and repeat this.

The materials of the cloth (100 % cotton), inner double gauze (100 % cotton), and gut gauze (100 % cotton).

*Product colors may differ slightly depending on the environment and the color of the display, depending on the color of the display.Please accept.

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