RS-333-C《Finished Product / three-dimensional / small size》Cloth Face Mask / extra-long staple cotton / cotton / plain

Color: ライトパープル(PUA)

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Size:Adult (teasome)Approximated 12.5 by 16.5 cm. (including rubber)
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The dough of rare cotton is used on the front side of the cloth.Small size for adultsis the 3D mask of the object.The back side made a touch of double gauze with 100 % cotton texture.

Very long cotton is a very long piece of cotton with a length of 35mm or more, and the smooth texture and the beautiful luster of the fibers,Only five percent of the earth's cotton can be produced.It's a rare and valuable one.

The charm of ultra-merit cottonhaving a softness and glossy smoothness as though in Cottonin the same.The long, long-texta-long cotton threada high intensity and attraction and also a light source of humidity and dehumidification and light materialin the said part.Ultra-long cotton is not only a rare but highly valuable material.

Now is the time for the mask to go out of the way.I want to change my mask as part of fashion, to make sure that I wear as much mask as possible, and change my mind to a pleasant experience.This time, we have created a "hyperlonging cotton mask" using this light, strong, and scarcity dough.

Strict side 4 colors of color deployment for autumn and winter.for theI want you to feel like a beautiful luster and smooth texture.

Osuusume point
Use "super-length cotton" on the front side of the table to ensure smooth softness, beautiful glossy, and lightness.
The back side is a double-gauze, and the air is well-friendly, soft-gentle texture, and the myth of the heart of the back is drawn.
The dough of 100 % cotton dehydration and moisturity
We have four cynic-like colors recommended for the autumn and winter.The color of the rubber color is also used for the color of the dough.♪
Please wash and repeat this.
It's a finished product. It's a perfect fit. Because of the three-dimensional structure, the mask fits in the face, fit, fit.

The goods delivered are tentative knot for rubber strings.Please connect with your preferred length and use it.
Please do the laundry once before you use it.(Handwashing Recommendations for Neuble detergents)
*Product colors may differ slightly depending on the environment and the color of the display, depending on the color of the display.Please accept.

Materials of the cloth: for tables: super-long cotton (100 % cotton), inner use: double gauze (100 % cotton)

*Product colors may differ slightly depending on the environment and the color of the display, depending on the color of the display.Please accept.

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