【RS-291】《three-dimensional mask》DIY Homemade Mask Set / Double Gauze Fabric / Block check

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Size: Approximately 13.5*17.5cm child service approximately 10.5*16cm (I do not include rubber) for adults
入数: One set (for two pieces of masks materials)

It is a handicraft solid mask kit to make with the checked pattern that is a girly and double gauze cloth for white.
It is hand-sewn and can make even a sewing machine.
The materials which two pieces of masks can make enter. (approximately 190 yen per one piece!)
I make adult use and child use, and the matching mask is recommended in parent and child, too♪

■100-percent-cotton double gauze cloth superior in absorbing water, absorbency
■Breathability is good and be accompanied by easy feel softly and is distinguished for a feeling!
■The checked pattern that is a girly is pretty! I can enjoy stylish mask coordinates♪
■I wash it and am available repeatedly

《 set contents 》
・Double gauze (100-percent-cotton) for lists
・Double gauze (100% of cotton for inside)
・Mask rubber
※A pattern (pattern) varies according to a cutting point of the cloth every product.
[a tool to set up:] Thread & needle, marking needle, ruler, Chaco pen (even as for the pencils, possible), iron, string all through for scissors, sewing machine or handstitchs or] such as hairpins

Because the chemicals washing such as bleaches does not go at all about the black point that the appearance of the double gauze shows, a blackish point is seen.
This does not have any problem with the thing which the piece of a leaf and the stem of the cotton got mixed with in process of manufacture qualitatively. I do not attract attention little by little whenever I wash it.

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