RS-286-WH《Finished product / three-dimensional》Cloth Face Mask / with gauze fabric / embroidery lace / flower / white


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Size: About 13.5 x 17.5cm for adults (without rubber)
Number of applications: 1 three-dimensional cloth mask + 1 hit gauze

It is a three-dimensional cloth mask of adult size using a cotton fabric and double gauze fabric of elegant embroidery lace.
This is a finished product, and it is not a set of materials. In addition, the hit gauze is included to make the main body hard to get dirty.
The product of the delivered is a temporary knot of the rubber string. Please re-tie it to the length of your preference and use it.
Please wash your clothes once before use. (Hand washing with neutral detergent recommended)

Because it is a finished product, it can be put on immediately! Because of the three-dimensional structure, the mask fits perfectly on your face.♪
The lining and the hit gauze are 100% cotton double gauze fabric with excellent water absorption and moisture absorption.
It is breathable, soft and gentle to the touch, making it comfortable to wear.
Elegant embroidery lace produces casual beauty
Because it is with the gauze, the mask becomes hard to get dirty even if I wear makeup.
Cut the gauze a little smaller to match the mask, or apply it to the mask in a folded state.
You can wash it and use it repeatedly.

"Cloth material" table cloth (100% cotton), inner double gauze (100% cotton), applying gauze (100% cotton)

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