MK-007《Finished product / three-dimensional mask》Moisturizing Face Mask (3 piece pack)

Color: Lavender (PU)

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Size: Two times, about 13×17.2 for More Image)
Entry: 3

It is a 3D stereo mask for adults with moisturizing components with hyaluronic acid processing on dough.Because it is a slim touch, it is comfortable to have a mask on your face.♪

☆recommended point☆
It's a stained skin with moisturizing components with hyaluronic acid processing.
Respiration is lac in a 3D stereostructure!
repeated washing and usable
It is a soft, retractable fabric that sticks to the face and does not create a gap in which the peppers and others invade
It's a good idea for dry offices and ordinary users.☆

• When washing, it is recommended to wash it with neutral detergent and lukewarm water without using a washing machine.
• Rubbing or pulling causes the occurrence and elongation of hairballs.
• Have a wash once before you use it (the fine fibers that come out in production may attach, and if you care, you may recommend using it after being washed several times in advance).
★Otherwise, please be able to check the "handling attention" on the back of the package.
Masks do not completely prevent infections (intrusion) such as viruses.
Hyaluronic acid processing does not guarantee that the effect will continue permanently, nor does it make a personal difference in the sense of wear, and stop wearing immediately if you feel abnormal during wear.

Mask dough: [retractable material] Polyester 97.8%, Spandex 2.2%

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