Privacy policy

MASK CLUB has been paying close attention to protecting privacy and personal information so that the customer can use the site in a safe manner. Our employees will comply with laws and regulations related to personal information, and will always keep the following basic policy in mind and will do everything to protect the personal information of our customers.

Basic policy

The personal information collected by our company is as follows.
When customer using our online shopping services, we will collect the name, address, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address, and other information of customers.

■Customers' personal information will be used in order to  ship the product, contact customers, send announcement to customers, and conduct a survey.

Our company will not disclose, transfer, or lease any personal information that customers provide to any third party. However, it is not limited to the following cases:

・In the case that we receive the agreement of customers. 
・In order to ship the products which customers buy, we have  to provide the personal information to delivery service provider.
・In order to find the problem when a system malfunction has occurred.
・When receiving a request from a judicial institution or an administrative organ based on laws and regulations.

■Data encryption
In the personal information input page, the information is protected by an encryption method called SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) so that a third party is not possible to view it.

Using cookies
In this site, we will send cookie to your computer system, in order to manage the data transmission. Cookie is an industry-standard technology that can identify customers' computer. It is used to provide customized pages such as Members MY pages, and is required when customers using our online shopping services. By using cookies, we can identify the computers that are being used by the customer, but can not collect your personal information. If you disable cookies, you will not be able to successfully use this site's services.

This site collects access logs to the web server. This includes logs such as IP addresses, access dates, and web browser types, but those information can not identify an individual. The information collected by the access log is used for statistical data on site operations or investigating the cause of unauthorized access.

We are paying close attention to protecting our customers' personal information, and we encourage you to pay attention to the management of the personal information.

Our site promises you will make the utmost effort to protect customers' privacy. However, a third party company on this site will not be in the scope of responsibility for this site.

Our company will respond to the request for disclosure based on your offer. In addition, if there are any changes to the personal information, please make a change by yourself.

We will strive to continue to protect your information by employee education, internal management, prevention of unauthorized access to personal information, loss of personal information, destruction, tampering, and leakage of personal information.