MK-004《Finished product / three-dimensional mask》Heat-generating / HEAT MASK (3 piece pack)

Color: Pearl beige(BE)
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Size: For adults (see More Image)
Entry: 3

It is a 3D stereo mask of ostriches even for winter use of repeated materials.
From the trending morph color to the smold color, the color development of the chic color recommended for autumn and winter, even if it is different in color to match the coordination of the suit

Using fever material that feels warmer when touching the skin, protecting the face gently from the cold outer air of winter.

★This dough is tested for moisture absorption heat exothermicity at the Kaken Test Center, a general corporation, and the temperature rise is confirmed.
(Hymophilicity is the ability to utilize the heat that a substance occurs when adsorbing moisture in the air, and to bring warmth.)

It is a soft, retractable fabric, making it easier for both men and women to use and harder to get ears hurt.

The recommendation point.
Use materials that are skin-friendly and warm
UV rays are a great enemy in skin in autumn and winter! UV cut effects, and are excellent in ventilation
Respiration is lac in a 3D stereostructure!
repeated washing and usable
It is a soft, retractable fabric that sticks to the face and does not create a gap in which the peppers and others invade
I feel a little bit of a ear even if I keep it for a long time
a three-disc set of deals

• When washing, it is recommended to wash it with neutral detergent and lukewarm water without using a washing machine.
• When washing your hands, pickle and wash.
• Rubbing or pulling causes the occurrence and elongation of hairballs.
• Have a wash once before you use it (the fine fibers that come out in production may attach, and if you care, you may recommend using it after being washed several times in advance).
★Otherwise, please be able to check the "handling attention" on the back of the package.
Masks do not completely prevent infections (intrusion) such as viruses.

Retractable Materials: Polyester 97.8%, Spandex 2.2%

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