HE-001《Finished product / three-dimensional》extra-long staple cotton / HEAT MASK / plain

Color: Blue (BU)
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Size: Adults approx. 13.5 x 17.5 cm (excluding rubber)
Quantity: 1

An adult-sized three-dimensional cloth mask that uses the rare cotton "Chouchomen" fabric on the front side.On the back side, we made a fabric with a touch warmth treatment that makes you feel warm when you touch the skin... Gently protects your face from the cold winter air.

What is ultra-long cotton?It refers to very long cotton with a fiber length of 35 mm or more, and is characterized by a smooth feel and a beautiful luster of the fiber.so,Only 5% of the cotton on earthIt is a rare and valuable item that can only be produced.

Although ultra-long cotton is cotton, it has silky smoothness and luster. One of the attractions of the thread is that it has long fibers and high strength. In addition, it has good hygroscopicity and moisture release, making it a light material. Ultra-long cotton is not only a rare material, but also a highly functional material.

☆Recommended points
■ "Ultra long cotton" is used on the front side to ensure silky smoothness, beautiful luster, and lightness.
■ We have prepared chic colors that are recommended for autumn and winter. Each color of rubber is arranged according to the color of the fabric.♪
■ Uses a smooth lining that feels good on the skin
■ Warmth is gradually improved by contact warmth processing!
■ Because it is a finished product, it can be attached immediately! Due to the three-dimensional structure, the mask fits perfectly on your face
■ Can be washed and used repeatedly

The delivered product is temporarily tied with a rubber string. Please retie it to your favorite length and use it.
Please wash once before use. (Recommended hand washing with a neutral detergent)
《Cloth material》 For table: Super long cotton (100% cotton), For inside: 100% polyester

* The color of the product may differ slightly from the actual product depending on the shooting environment and the color of the display. Please note that.

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