SK-006-Gy 《Anti-Fog Cloth》 Premium / Dot Gray (1811)

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Size: about 15 × 18 cm
* Image glasses are images and do not come.

If you make a mask, if you get glasses and get worse.
It has only wiped, and a cloudy closure has appeared.

Microfiber cloth is a special coating, and the original cleaning function is a cross that combines the function that becomes difficult to get into it.
Of course during the mask, it is also active during your meal and bathing.

How to use is easy and once cleaned the lens of the glasses and wet the water with tissue etc.Wipe both sides of the lens about 10 times by "King's Climination" to paint the drug.

This alone makes the lens difficult. The duration of the effect is about 12 hours.

※ After blowing the lens, keep it in the package again so that the cross does not dry.
※ As the cross itself has a hard-to-go component, it is NG to wash.
※ Please read careful attention to the use of goods carefully.

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